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BALAJI COATING-MAXILAC was founded in the year 2002, by Mr. Hiren Jain Having been known in the field, as specialized in developing paint products, to suit the specific requirement of an industry, truly speaking, BALAJI COATING-MAXILAC is a team of expert tailors stitching the paint to industry's measurement.

  • Maxilac Wood Coatings
  • NC Paints / Primers
  • Automotive Paints
  • Synthetic Enamel Paints

Maxilac, the name

MAXILAC, as can be noted below, is the solution to a major concern and worry of any nation or general society at large.

Mainly two problems affect the industries and i.e. Corrosion, Resistance and it reminds us of tens of thousands of croses of rupees worth national assets, reportedly lost every year due to corrosion, which can be saved by timely maintenance, with proper application of BALAJI paints.

  • Melamine Glossy Clear 2 Pack
  • Melamine Matt 2 Pack
  • Melamine Sealer 2 Pack
  • Sanding Sealer
  • NC Clear Laquer
  • Synthetic Clear Varnish & Wood Guards


Respect and be respect worthy / Trust and be trust worthy. Caring mind, passionate thoughts and true sense of involvement, in any aspect of working, beyond the technology, can only lead to the true quality of products.


Our vision at BALAJI COATING is to give better quality protection with elegance to surfaces of various products used by society such as furniture Household Units, Automobiles, Industrial Units etc, in the Framework of Environmental Safety.


The mission at BALAJI COATING is that our endeavour as always will continue to follow these fundamental ethical principles coupled with practising best possible designing and manufacturing techniques, to become and remain the first choice of the customer.


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